Cloth Feminine Pad SETS

Cloth Feminine Pad SETS

A natural and eco-friendly alternative to disposable feminine products. Soft, comfortable, breathable, absorbs quickly, and non-irritating...a switch you won't regret making!


Topper (pattern fabric): cotton jersey OR cotton/spandex jersey OR cotton flannel

Absorbent Core: 1-3 layers organic bamboo fleece

Breathable Waterproof: Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) - full pad coverage except liner (centre only)

Backer (solid colour): cotton flannel


Liner/Light - approx 7.75" long, snapped width approx 2.5"

Regular/Moderate - approx 9.5", snapped width approx 2.75"

Long/Heavy - approx 10.5", snapped width approx 2.75"

  • Care Instructions

    Wash 2x before first use to prep. Full absorbency reached after 10 washes.

    Cold rinse afer use (or before washing). Machine wash warm or hot, extra rinse to ensure all detergent is removed. Warm or cool dryer, or hang to dry. Do not use fabric softener on cloth feminine pads as it causes fabric to repel liquid.

  • Shipping Info

    Qualifies for small/thin lettermail option. Message for shipping info for more than 3 pads.

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