Wholesale UNpaper Towels - Mixed 12pk

Wholesale UNpaper Towels - Mixed 12pk

These fun and colourful UNpaper Towels are the perfect eco-friendly swap for your paper towels and napkins; they wash up easily, and save you money and waste! With a complimentary reusable roller that fits any paper towel holder, it makes switching to reusables easy for your whole family. They can also be kept in a drawer or basket for easy access.


Available in fun and colourful mixed print sets*, neutral mixed sets*, or black & white mixed sets*.


*Pictures are a sampling only, actual mixed sets may vary.


If you choose "no" for pre-rolled, UNpaper Towels will be packaged folded, with the same quantity of sturdy kraft tubes on the side.


    Single layer of 100% cotton flannel, serged around the edge to prevent fraying. These get softer and more absorbent with each wash. They cling naturally to each other on the roll, and easily pull off one at a time.

    Approximately 9.75"x12", they hold more than a paper towel. Use, rinse and hang dry multiple times before needing to wash.

    Pre-wash before first use, some minor shrinkage may occur. Machine wash & dry, cold or warm. Do not use fabric softener as it coats the fabric and hinders absorption.